Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meadow Kids Review

A few weeks ago, we received a package from the UK. I had been in contact with a rep from Meadow Kids and we received a couple toys to try out and review.

The Meadow Kids Way: Learn and Play
All of our creations are designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development. All products are designed in the UK.

Meadow Kids is committed through our products to contribute positively to the lives of our end customers, the child and their family. Our products are designed to be played whilst interacting and communicating at home. We believe some of the best education can be had whilst playing and this is our core value: ‘Learn and Play’!

Thanks to having bouts of ickiness in our house, we weren't able to give them a go right away. The first we tried was the Horse Riding Wooden Stamp Set. 

"Piece together and design your own show horse and riding event, create and play again and again. This craft set is great for imaginative play. Pick from a variety of chunky wooden stamps, print the outlines and add in any colours you like. Design your own show horses and competitions however you like"

The set comes with 10 stamps, 3 colored pencils, and an inkpad.

 Keira couldn't wait to get started and went right for the big horse stamp.

 She was not too pleased about having gotten ink on her fingers.

We tried out each of the stamps several times. Our only real gripe is that the inkpad is too small. The horse, rider, and fence stamps were slightly bigger than the pad. In order to get enough ink to leave a good impression, we had to ink one side, then the other, and ended up with ink blotches

Next came time to color in the pictures. Leave it to Keira. She loudly voiced her complaint that the colored pencils did not match the colors the jockey on the stamp was wearing.

I told her to color anyways.

She was having trouble getting good impressions, so I did a bunch for her to color in. You can see all the ink blotches to the right of the horse. I'm not big into stamping so I'm not sure if maybe the rubber wasn't cut deep enough or it was just me not knowing what I was doing. Probably me.

The other item we received was the Pet Pals: Stencil Book with Pencils. It includes 7 stencils, 4 colored pencils, and a small package of appropriately sized paper. 

Keira decided to start with the turtle stencil. I really liked that the book had a page that separates the stencils. It made it really easy to use.

We decided to color in the openings completely, each taking turns.

Even Doug was ordered into doing a bit. It came out pretty good.

Next up was a bird. This time I wanted to see how she did just outlining the stencil, but she didn't seem to care for that much.

Overall, I'd say these were a big hit. Considering that she asks me to do stamps all the time now. Sadly, she can't yet be trusted with an inkpad without full supervision and that's fairly difficult with the duo on the loose. She has to settle for only using them occasionally.

DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free in exchange for honest feedback, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experiences trying the products.