Monday, April 14, 2014

Helping around the House

I'm not sure when we started exactly, but for a while now, Keira has been helping us around the house. One of her favorite things to do is help us make a cup of coffee. Which we do plenty of around here. 

She has certain chores that are hers, though there are plenty of days that I end up doing them. Like picking up her toys. Those terrible toddler years are not conducive to picking up the vast array of little people, tea cups and building blocks that seem to breed like mold across my living room floor. But she does help out in lots of other ways, like with her brothers. When we were using the rockers, she's was charge of putting the toy bars on their rockers.

She helped to rock them and still sings to them when they fuss. 

Keira has always been pretty good about putting things in the hamper, whether her own clothes or dish towels from the kitchen. Lately, she's even been coming downstairs to help with the laundry

She loves, LOVES, going to the grocery store. It may have something to do with their really cool carts that look like fire trucks and police cars. 

Once we get home, she helps to unpack the bags and is starting to help to put things where they belong. Or build towers with them.

We don't wash too much by hand anymore, but when we do, she's right there, ready to help. 

And she loves to help with loading and unloading the dishwasher. She'll put plates and bottles in the sink. 

She's learning where things go and putting them away as well as taking them out. Well, as she can reach them. 

We even tried a Pinterest painters tape trick to help keep her play food near her kitchen. It worked great for about a week before the tape was just too much to resist.

Her office skills leave something to be desired.