Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keira's 3rd Birthday: The Party

She's 3.

And I'm pretty ok with it. I'm looking forward to all the cool things that we're going to be able to start doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm always going to miss that little cutie who insisted the cow said "rah", but the diapers and all that? Ready to say so long forever.

We had her party a couple weeks ago and it was tons of fun. Since we have such a big family, we had it at a clubhouse where my dad is a member. It was a lot easier than trying to figure out how to fit everyone in our house. After asking Keira on several occasions and getting the same answer, it was decided that she was getting a Special Agent Oso party. (Don't worry, we'd never heard of him before she started watching it either.)

We started planning early and my family and I made the decorations. The day before the party, a bunch of us got together to make the food and have fun.

Our lunch break.


As we left for her party the next morning, I gave her the stuffed Oso bear that I made for her (cause the price for those is insane. He'll get his own post later) and she loves him. He was instantly added to the bedtime crew.

The boys slept for not only the ride there, but for a good portion of the set-up. Next time, we're putting them to work. ;)

And of course, we brought their chairs with us.

The food. We made brown sugar chicken (in the crockpots), roasted veggies, potato wedges, lasagna, & spinach & mushroom rigatoni. There was also chicken salad & ham salad for sandwiches and a salad bar.

And because I forgot to take a picture after set-up, pre-guests, here's what our tags & Thank You's looked like.

All decorated!

My mom made the centerpieces (got extra uses out of those formula cans..ssh) and balloon weights. My dad & sister blew up and placed balloons while the rest of us set up the food.

Such a cute ballon weight at this table.

Time to eat!

The boys actually slept through a large portion of the portion of the party. Which was totally fine. There was a lot of time in the Ergo's. (I'll be praising those in a later post.)

The log walls did make hanging the banner I made a bit of a challenge, but we managed it thanks to a well placed window.

The cake was another joint venture with my mom and sisters all putting in some of the work. Is it not amazing?

Gotta start teaching her how to cut her cake sometime, right?

While everyone was having their dessert, Keira got to open presents. Is that tutu not fantastic? Courtesy of Auntie Melanie.

We had little goodies bags for the kids, with some stickers, frogs/bracelets, and (thanks to my friend, Sarah, over at The House of Boys...& A Girl) some paw print crayons that I made (another pic I forgot to take at the party).

Would you believe that kiddie pool was the biggest hit?

All the littles ended up in there.

Even Lucian got in on the fun. look at that smile. He was laughing up a storm.

 You know it was a good party when she asks to have it again at least a half dozen times in the following two weeks. Sadly, she'll have to wait for July when her brothers have theirs.

Happy Birthday, my crazy little girl.

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