Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lantern Mobiles DIY

Keira has a monkey mobile from Babies R'Us hanging above her bed. Every now & again, we take turns blowing at it to watch the monkeys swing around, which results in lots of laughs and fun. I couldn't take that from her. So I decided to make the boys their own mobiles.

I know, I'm crazy. It's ok.

Since I wasn't really sure of colors or anything at the time, I decided to make one for our bathroom and go from there. Just in case I hated it, I wouldn't have wasted my time & precious energy making 2.

Step one: punch out a bunch of fish & circles. I actually ended up punching out about twice what I needed.

Step two: thread fish & circles onto embroidery floss. I made loops to stop them from sliding down the floss after it was hung.

At first, I wasn't sure how I wanted to string them, but I saw a few lantern mobiles on Pinterest and since I had a few hanging around, why not, right?

Step three: This was a bit tricky. I threaded the floss and tied it onto the wire that runs throughout the lantern, however, ever I opened the lantern and hung it, I didn't like the placement and ended up moving them.

Step four: Hang, check length & trim any extra. Since this was going in out bathroom, I left the length. The ones I made for the boys are shorter.

And here it is in our bathroom.

I'll be posting the ones in the boys' room along with all the other stuff I've been doing in there when a few more are finished. Assuming Keira doesn't "help" anymore. I need to rehang a picture she proved she could reach.