Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friends, Old & New

We've been moving a bunch of baby stuff from Keira's room into the room that will belong to the boys. Her infant carrier was one of the first. She didn't quite fit the way she remembered.

Since that didn't work, she decided she'd play with the buckles instead.

Among the rest was a box or two of baby toys that Keira outgrew. Well, you can just imagine what happened when she saw them. It was like a reunion.She had a good old time playing with the blocks and dancing to the music from the activity table. She even gave the walker a few pushes around the kitchen.

Her little eyes managed to spot a salad spinner I had left on the kitchen table and she brought it out to join in the fun.

A little tip for any moms planning to try this: don't use balls. The blocks worked great because when Keira lifted the lid while it was spinning, she got to see them going around. When she threw in a few of the small balls and lifted the lid, they went flying out. With some force, I might add. Those could sting a bit.