Friday, April 19, 2013

My Little Rembrant

While I was attempting to paint the canvases for our poster makeover, Keira decided she wanted to paint as well. So I took out some paints that my friend, Andrea, had sent for Keira's birthday.

Can I just say how much I love these? Seriously, she can go to town on the tub and it all rinses away without any need for scrubbing. Of course, I rinse as soon as we're done so it's not like it's dried on, but still. While I sat on the toilet seat, painting my canvas edges, Keira was busy painting her own masterpiece.

She originally asked for purple, but soon requested to add blue to her palette. I belatedly realized the ledge of the tub makes a better place for her colors than the bottom. For some reason, I have an urge to learn hieroglyphics.

An accidental flick of the paintbrush landed her with a blue face, which she insisted on being wiped off before she continued.

Green and orange were demanded before long to tie it all together. I love her expression in this photo. I feel like she is just waiting for her critique.