Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wall Art

Doug and I purchased this poster a while ago. Like a couple years. We originally planned to get a nice frame for it and put it up on the kitchen wall above our table. Well, after a few months of it sitting in the cardboard tube, I got sick of seeing the blank wall and up it went. And that's how it stayed until a few days ago.

After seeing a couple variations I liked on Pinterest, I picked up 3 canvases at Michaels. Use the coupons, trust me. The odd size I needed made it so I couldn't find cheaper versions, but I was able to get them for about $8 each after the 40% off.

I already had the rest of my supplies on hand, though I kept debating on spray adhesive vs. Mod Podge.

I got the edges all painted up in one day, in between a bath, dinner and bedtime.

The next step was measuring exactly where the cuts would be. Not quite so easy when you realize that the 20x60 isn't actually 20x60.

Since I need to pick up a new blade anyway, I used a rotary cutter & mat to make sure my cuts where straight.

I ended up going with the spray adhesive. It took about an hour or so (while Keira was with her Memere). I left them stacked and weighted for another hour to be sure they were well adhered.

I had to cut a bit of the canvas off the back to have a spot to put the hanging tab. A few measurements on the wall and we were ready for hanging.

I like it a lot better this way. (Next up is to get rid of that extension wire.)