Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keira's Birth Story

This past Friday, my baby turned 2 years old. A while ago, I realized that I have never actually written her birth story in it’s entirety so I wrote it up. But never hit publish. I wasn't sure that anyone would want to read it. Then I remembered why I write this blog. So I'm publishing. If nothing else, feel free to enjoy the newborn pics.

Keira’s due date was February 28th. She was constantly moving, always shoving her feet into my ribs, most likely bruising them. She actually managed to tear my ab muscles around  35/36 weeks. I was very disappointed to hear that it wouldn’t heal until a couple weeks after giving birth, which wouldn’t be for another month as is. Just about every night, my uterus was turned into a disco club.

My reason for explaining this is because on Friday, February 18th, it had been several hours since I felt movement. Naturally, I was concerned and when Doug got home from work, we went into L&D to get checked. After spending 3 hours hooked up to monitors, being giving some juice and food, her movement picked up a bit and it was determined that she was fine so we went home.

For the next 3 days, I felt mild contractions throughout the days, but nothing close enough together to be concerned about. Tuesday morning, I woke around 5am to stronger contractions. Since I knew I wouldn’t sleep, I climbed into the shower and just stood in the warm water, knowing it would at least help me relax. A couple hours later found me pacing my living room & kitchen while timing the contractions. They were getting closer and longer. Around 9, I called my mom and she came to get me. We drove up to the hospital and arrived there about 10:30. Since Doug was working a few hours away, I didn’t want to call him in if it was a false alarm. Well, after being hooked to the monitors for a bit, they told me I was “definitely having a baby today”. So, I called Doug and he was able to make it to the hospital for a little after noon. (Pictures are thanks to my mom. See? It's in my DNA. Also, please ignore that fact that I look like crap. I was less than concerned with putting on make-up.)

So far, I had been able to handle all the contractions med-free. I walked around, did some deep breathing etc. If I remember right, I was about 2-ish cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital (10:30 am). By 5 pm, I was barely 5 cm, so they said they were going to start me on Pitocin and asked if I wanted an epidural. Having heard stories about Pit contractions, I immediately said yes. For all the good it did me, as it never showed up. For an hour, I had the most intense contractions, with not a single med, not even a Tylenol. Hurt doesn't begin to cover it. Doug said I never screamed though. Just a whole lot of whining that it hurt.

The rest is slightly vague as I don't remember it clearly between pain & drugs.

By 6 pm, I still hadn't progressed any further. The Dr decide to break my water in the hopes of speeding things along. Keira decided to take that as the cue for her entrance and managed to get stuck as I was still only 5 cm dilated. Her heart rate dropped and the Dr declared that an emergency cesarean was necessary. They wheeled me down the hall to the OR and proceeded to give me a spinal.  Doug was almost not allowed in, but when they got her heart rate up, he was. I remember him coming in, but then it was decided to put me out (I don't remember why). I was woken up with a nurse holding my baby next to my head so that I could see her and give her a kiss and then she was gone (don't worry, Doug went with her). She was born at 6:11. It's amazing to think all that happened in such a short amount of time.

While I was being stitched up, Keira was cleaned up and Doug brought her out so my mom could see her before she went home. I was taken to the recovery room where I discovered the bizarreness of having feet but being unable to move or feel them (and damn it, did I try). They brought Keira back to me (with Doug), they bathed her and did her prints and APGAR while in the recovery room with me. I can't remember any of what they were saying. I was too busy just watching while trying to stay awake. Around 10 pm, they wheeled us into our room where we stayed for the next 3 days. She was 8 pounds, 2.7 ounces and 20.5 inches long.