Friday, November 22, 2013

Puddle Jumper

The weather around here has changed drastically for the colder. Sadly, this means there will be no more puddle jumping until the spring. This might not have been a big deal. Except for the fact that puddle jumping is one of Keira most favorite things ever. Ever since the city repaved our street, every time it rains, we have a big puddle at the end of our driveway and when Keira see it, she starts shouting about jumping in the puddle. Luckily, we had one warm day this past week after a rain and we managed to squeeze in one more puddle jumping. And a warm bath afterwards.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainbow Rice

You know those wooden egg shakers? Ever broken one?

We have. Know what's inside? Teeny tiny itty bitty metal ball bearings. Great! Just what every toddler mom wants rolling around the floor, right?

So I decided to make a rice shaker instead, using rainbow rice. This is all over Pinterest. But with alcohol as the transferring agent. Yeah, not crazy about that. Especially since Keira still puts random stuff in her mouth. And I'm sure I'll have to keep a very close eye on the boys once they start moving about. So instead, I searched for one using a different transferring agent. I found one that used vinegar and decided that, while it wouldn't smell or taste fantastic, I was much more comfortable with the probability of it being ingested.

I used 1/4 cup of rice and an 1/8 teaspoon of vinegar with 2 drops of food coloring. I also used a plastic tub instead of a plastic bag. I had it hanging around from somewhere and decided it was perfect for this. Dump it all together and shake, shake, shake. After the first one to check lid security, I let Keira shake them. She wanted to do about 10 more. I have to admit, it is really cool to watch the colors take. 

I made a batch of each of the colors. I even tried to make purple by combining the red & blue. Fail. It made a crappy blackish color.

I laid them out in the window to dry in sun. Then I got impatient and stuck them in the toaster oven and baked them at a low temp until dry. 

I knew those old bottles would come in handy. I glued the lids on. Just in case. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Best Kept Secret...

That I'm telling everyone about.

So....huge blogger fail. Hey, I've got 3 kids now, it's gonna happen. But I'm at least coming back with something useful.

Remember those tracing pages I made not that long ago? Until last week, I'd been letting Keira use dry-erase markers on it. Now, as a parent of a toddler and babies, this action makes me cringe. Because there is no good way to watch her 100% of the time she has it. At some point, I have to check the boys (or pee or make coffee, etc). Thankfully, she has kept her drawing to the book and binder. The binder will never be the same & we've lost a few good markers, but hey, there's always a few casualties in every war.


We have a dry-erase board that, way back in the spring, I had discovered worked great with washable crayons. Well, my brain finally caught up (sleep deprivation sucks) and it dawned on me that they'd probably work great on those tracing pages as well.

And oh did they.

They work sooo much better. They write as any crayon would, but they wipe off even easier than the markers. Even where Keira pressed really hard and had a build up of wax, it came off a lot easier than I expected.

And it didn't leave that weird discoloration that the blue marker (her fave, of course) does.

So if you have a dry erase surface, go ahead and skip those markers and pick up a pack of washable crayons instead. Added bonus, no caps to lose and they won't dry out.