Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Connect

When my friend, J, told me I needed to download this app, I took her word for it.

After all, she has matching kids. Well, close enough. Her twin boys are about 5 months older than mine. Which is why I went ahead and spent the whopping $5 for this app. It's worth every penny and more.

There it is, down in the lower right corner of my home page. Baby Connect.

This is what it looks like when I open it. As of right now, the boys are still in the eat, sleep, poop phase so I don't need too many options. It shows which child you're entering info on as well as how old they are. It  gives you the option to customize the background color. It also lists the recent entries. (More on the buttons at the bottom later.)

The boys are formula fed so I use the Bottle option, but I'll show you the nursing & pumping screens as well.

I find the whole app to be really user-friendly. Simply select the date/time to adjust it, enter the number on ounces and hit save. (It has the option to change formula to milk as well.) That's it. Diapers, same thing. And you don't need to fill out every little detail for it to save the entry. I only ever note wet/poop/etc. I never bother with quantity or color. I also never put an end time for bottles, just the start.

Another thing I like is how easy it is to customize it. From setting up your account to changing preferences or the way your homepage is set up, it's super simple. Just select the option you want. You can also set alarms and notifications.

As I said, there are far more options than what we're using right now so I keep the home page basic. I've only just added sleep and milestones to it as we've just stopped waking them to feed during the night. They also started smiling.

To add an option to your homepage, just turn it on. Don't want it, turn it off. Want them in a certain order? Just drag the item up or down the list to where you want it. As you can see, the makers have thought of almost everything. (There are ever more items that I didn't bother to screen capture because I figured 2 shots was enough.)

This is what it would look like with 3 rows and more items.

Here are a few screen captures of some of the other items.

Each child has an information page and you can put in a photo and notes as well.

And if you don't like the phrasing on something, you can change that, too. Prefer the term bowel movement over poop? A couple taps and done. You can also add choices that you may need but aren't there.

Another one of my fave features are the charts. The Timeline shows when each item occurred. As you can see, we are very much on a schedule. I change the boys' diapers right before each feeding which is the reason you only see a lot of diapers, they're overlapping. 

The graphs help to see how they've been doing for each singular item over time and you can slide left and it goes further back, viewable by day, week or month. Don't get excited for me. Those aren't 6 straight hours. I don't count the fusses in between where we wake up. I start when they fall asleep after their last feeding and I stop it when they wake to be fed. At 3/4 am, if I get them back to sleep, I don't note it. They also aren't napping on a schedule during the day so I'm not bothering to track that yet either, though I plan to soon.

There is also the List viewing option. The List view shows the trail for each item chronologically. It's been almost a month since the boys were weighed. It should be interesting to see what they're up to at their next check-up.

There's also the Summary pages. There's the Daily Summary as well as an Overall.

I started entering the information when they came home from the hospital, which is why Lucian's count numbers are slightly higher than Remy's. But yeah. Those numbers are crazy. When you think that between them, they've had over 1,130 diaper changes, in less than 3 months, it's kinda of horrifying. Over 1,060 bottles and about 30 gallons of formula drank. Yikes.

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