Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Water Table

At the end of May, my mom got Keira a water table. She felt it would help to keep Keira occupied as the weather got warmer (water-obsessed as she is) and I'd be less able to actually move and do things. My mom is awesome and really does a lot to help us out. Honestly, I really can't thank our families enough for all that they do to help us.

Back on subject. Keira LOVES water. So what could be better than this? she looks pretty happy, doesn't she? And it doesn't even have water in it yet.

We put it together in the living room and let her play with it dry that night. She had fun flipping the people off the diving board and sending them down the slide.

Of course, it rained for about a week following so I had to hide the table in a back room until we had good weather again. Otherwise, the requests for water would have driven me nuts enough to consider heaving both her and the table onto the front lawn mid-downpour.

But, soon enough, we had a beautiful day that was perfect for pulling it out. And she had a ball.

I don't think this much happy can be contained.

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