Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Salt Dough Fun

Every now and then, I actually get around to doing one of the thousands (I wish I was joking) of things I've pinned on Pinterest. Ok, so a large number of them aren't actually things to do, but still. I love checking it out and saving the ones I think might be fun to do one day when the kids are older. If I manage to get one or two done these days, I get pretty proud of myself and take a bunch of pics to share.

We were having a blah day with dreary weather so I opened up my Kid Stuff board and decided that salt dough was simple enough to attempt. I had all 3 ingredients and if she ate it, it wouldn't hurt her. It would probably taste horrible, but hey, she'd live. She was all for the attempt.

Flour, salt & water. That's it. It really doesn't get any simpler.

We had our cookie cutters ready.

I let her have a few minutes of mixing the salt & flour before mixing in the water myself. It was easiest to do a bit with the spatula to start, then just get right in with my hands.

Another Pin success!

I baked a couple of the things I managed to sneak away before she squished them back into the blob.

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