Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Right Along

Back in October, Doug & I decided to purchase a minivan. We found out I was pregnant in December and at the end of January, we found out it was twins. Turns out that minivan was a great decision.

A week or so before the boys were born, we decided it was time to install the car seats. I had decided that it'd be easiest to put both boys in the 3rd row since their seats just drop in. I figured it's be easier to strap in Keira if she remained in the middle row. I also wanted to take out the extra seat to avoid having to fold it up and down constantly.

This was attempt #1.

As you can see, not a good fit at all.

Attempt #2. No dice. There just wasn't enough room lenth-wise.

At least Keira was having fun.

This is how it ended up. Keira and one of the boys in the 3rd row and the other twin on the passenger side in the middle row. Of course, we have to climb in and out regardless of configuration, but for now, this works.

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