Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Children's Museum

I'm playing a bit of catch-up with a couple blog posts, so please bear with me. I promise I'll be up to date soon.(The boys' will be one month old so there's an update coming very soon. With lots of pics. Not to tease or anything.)

Prior to the boys' being born, I was looking for ways to keep Keira happy, occupied and to burn off some of that toddler energy with exhausting myself. Since I had to go to Providence for a couple things, I decided to include a stop at the Children's Museum for a couple hours. She enjoyed the one in Virginia so much, I had a feeling this one wouldn't be any different. I was right. She had a great time. So great, she didn't want to leave. I'm pretty sure the front desk sees several "time-to-leave" toddler tantrums each day.

Since I've been remiss with pics of the kids, the rest of this post is nothing but. Enjoy.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rearranging House

Before the boys were born, there was a lot of rearranging going on in our house. There was a bunch of changes that weren't visible, like moving Keira's clothes to make room for the boys' and stacking baby blankets and hooded towels in the closet. The first big, right in your face change were the swings.

This is what it looked like before.

And this is after.

Of course, Keira had to put her baby dolls in to make sure they worked ok.

The kitchen got an overhaul as well. This is what it looked like before. With two babies, I knew we'd need plenty of storage for bottles, bibs and all that stuff.

We tried a few different layouts, but they just didn't work. This is the final result. We moved the table into the middle and the islands the wall. It makes the room feel bigger now as well.

For storage, we went with simple plastic drawers. We ended up getting a second small unit for the middle since one wasn't enough. (I did take off the stickers.) With two babies & a toddler, it's amazing the amount of pacifiers, bottles, teethers, and sippy cups you accumulate.

Right now, we're using about 16 bottles a day. Yeah...

Pics of the boys' room coming soon. And of course, the boys & Keira.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Right Along

Back in October, Doug & I decided to purchase a minivan. We found out I was pregnant in December and at the end of January, we found out it was twins. Turns out that minivan was a great decision.

A week or so before the boys were born, we decided it was time to install the car seats. I had decided that it'd be easiest to put both boys in the 3rd row since their seats just drop in. I figured it's be easier to strap in Keira if she remained in the middle row. I also wanted to take out the extra seat to avoid having to fold it up and down constantly.

This was attempt #1.

As you can see, not a good fit at all.

Attempt #2. No dice. There just wasn't enough room lenth-wise.

At least Keira was having fun.

This is how it ended up. Keira and one of the boys in the 3rd row and the other twin on the passenger side in the middle row. Of course, we have to climb in and out regardless of configuration, but for now, this works.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Salt Dough Fun

Every now and then, I actually get around to doing one of the thousands (I wish I was joking) of things I've pinned on Pinterest. Ok, so a large number of them aren't actually things to do, but still. I love checking it out and saving the ones I think might be fun to do one day when the kids are older. If I manage to get one or two done these days, I get pretty proud of myself and take a bunch of pics to share.

We were having a blah day with dreary weather so I opened up my Kid Stuff board and decided that salt dough was simple enough to attempt. I had all 3 ingredients and if she ate it, it wouldn't hurt her. It would probably taste horrible, but hey, she'd live. She was all for the attempt.

Flour, salt & water. That's it. It really doesn't get any simpler.

We had our cookie cutters ready.

I let her have a few minutes of mixing the salt & flour before mixing in the water myself. It was easiest to do a bit with the spatula to start, then just get right in with my hands.

Another Pin success!

I baked a couple of the things I managed to sneak away before she squished them back into the blob.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Boys' Birth Story

On Wednesday afternoon, Doug & I were sitting in our living room, discussing our lack of plans for the holiday. I had spent the morning cleaning the house and Doug had gone fishing with my dad. Now that I wasn't in constant motion, I noticed baby B wasn't being as active as he usually was. I laid on the couch, had some water & fruit snacks, and waited. After a couple hours with no increase, I called my OB's office & was told to head in to L & D for monitoring. 

We knew the drill from already having done this plenty of times so we arranged for my mother-in-law to watch Keira for a few extra hours.

We arrived at the hospital just before 5 pm and I was hooked up to the monitors. After a while, it was clear that there was plenty of movement (I just wasn't feeling it) and their heartbeats were fine. The monitor did show a few contractions so they checked my cervix and it was totally closed. They thought I might have a UTI, so a sample was sent to the lab. It came back that I was dehydrated and I was hooked up to an IV for fluids. 

Before sending us home, the dr wanted to see an ultrasound done. Baby A got an 8/8, but baby B only got 6/8. His diaphragm wasn't moving that they could see and while its not uncommon at 34 weeks, he did lose points. Because of that, the dr wanted to monitor us overnight. We figured better safe than sorry and I'd be home the next morning. Doug went home and had just stretched out for sleep when his phone rang.

After he had left the hospital, I got settled in and was going to attempt sleep. Just about midnight, to my surprise, my water broke. Needless to say, I had a mild panic. 34 weeks was definitely earlier than we had planned for. I called Doug to tell him he needed to come back and then my mom to pickup Keira.

By the time Doug arrived, not only was I feeling those contractions, but they were getting really intense. He got suited up in scrubs and I got prepped in the OR. Being able to feel everything during the surgery was an entirely different experience. Soon enough, just after 2 am, we heard one newborn crying and then another. They were wrapped up, brought for us to see and then moved to the special care nursery. 

I was brought to the recovery room and we waited for the meds to wear off. After a few more hours, I got wheeled to a room. Since I wasn't able to get out of the bed and I had been up for over 24 hours, I tried to get some sleep.

After being checked, getting meds and a short nap, we went to the special care nursery where I got to hold my boys for the first time. They were doing great. Both doing well with their breathing and maintaining temps. 

Meet our boys. Lucian Jack, born at 2:09am, 5 pounds, 1 ounce and 18 inches long & Remy Logan, born at 2:10 am, 5 pounds, 5 ounces and 18 inches long. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Water Table

At the end of May, my mom got Keira a water table. She felt it would help to keep Keira occupied as the weather got warmer (water-obsessed as she is) and I'd be less able to actually move and do things. My mom is awesome and really does a lot to help us out. Honestly, I really can't thank our families enough for all that they do to help us.

Back on subject. Keira LOVES water. So what could be better than this? she looks pretty happy, doesn't she? And it doesn't even have water in it yet.

We put it together in the living room and let her play with it dry that night. She had fun flipping the people off the diving board and sending them down the slide.

Of course, it rained for about a week following so I had to hide the table in a back room until we had good weather again. Otherwise, the requests for water would have driven me nuts enough to consider heaving both her and the table onto the front lawn mid-downpour.

But, soon enough, we had a beautiful day that was perfect for pulling it out. And she had a ball.

I don't think this much happy can be contained.