Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shapes & Colors

Keira really likes the apps on the iPad where she deals with colors & shapes. So I decided to make her something she could actually handle. Off I went to Michael's and got 6 - 1 1/2" blocks and I borrowed the paints from my mom. I waited for a day when Keira was having a sleepover at my parent's house so that I could paint and let dry without worrying about tiny fingers.

First step was to draw the shapes on each of the blocks. I used to be much better at freehand drawing. Meh, Keira couldn't care less.

Then I painted each color a different shape on each block. This step was actually trickier than I initially though it would be since I didn't want to accidentally paint the same shape the same color on more than one block.

I did two to three coats depending on the color (some went on better than others) and then sealed them.

She loves to play with her blocks. Although, she does keep finding more uses for them than I had intended. While watching Doug work in the yard, she decided to stack them and a few other toys.

A few days ago, I printed her some shape pages to see if she'd attempt to trace them. She didn't, but she did match the blocks to the shapes on her own. It did give me another idea and now I've plans to print some sheets with some words so she can use her alphabet blocks the same way. Eventually.

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