Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Gear Reviews: Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

Even though Keira is almost 2 and a half, we still use our high chair at least a few times a day. Since we have an eat-in kitchen, we wanted something that wouldn't take up a ton of room. The fact that it can also convert to a booster seat was also a bonus. Of course, we've somehow accumulated several booster seats and we are yet to use any in our house. Go figure.

We went with the Fisher Price Space Saver. I LOVE this seat. We started using it right from the beginning. It tilts far enough back for a newborn to be cradled in, though we never used the tray until she was sitting upright.

Once she was sitting upright & eating solids, this chair was awesome. I love that I can manage getting the tray on & off with one hand (easy, large release on the front) or two (side handles). The seat cover comes off easily for washing.

 Even though she's 2 years old, we still use the seat as-is. The back piece does come off to be used as a booster, but we've never really bothered. She not only eats most of her meals there, but we use it for learning and play time as well. We ask her to get in her chair and she'll climb right up. It makes containment easy when I'd rather not have a mess everywhere. My only issue is that the tray doesn't fit into our dishwasher so I have to handwash it all the time. It doesn't really fit into the sink either, but it's not a reason I'd not have it.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful view:) Wish I had read it before having a baby. If I had a preparing for baby do-over, I'd go for a Fisher-Price booster seat or space saver model rather than getting both a booster seat and a regular high chair. More on that (as well as a link to this review) here: