Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oodles of Noodles Bath!

Thanks to another Pinterest find, we decided to try out a couple new play ideas from this website. We took a trip to our local dollar store for some pool noodles.Which of course, Keira had to play with before we could get started.

When the hostages were finally released, I used one of our kitchen knives to cut them into small pieces. It actually went a lot faster than I thought it would.

In order to keep her busy while I cut them up, I had Keira make the trips back & forth to put them in the tub.

I kept a couple pieces longer, jammed a couple funnels in the ends (just our kitchen ones, but the dollar store has those in abundance as well), and used packing tape to secure them to the wall. (I now have a bit of residue to clean off since I may have left them there for a few extra baths.)

Once they were all in, the water was started and bubbles added.

This went a lot better than the bath with all the different colored sponges. For starters, noodles don't take half the water with them when they're thrown out of the tub.

Keira loved pouring the water into the funnels and trying to catch it when it came out the bottom. That was probably her favorite part of the whole deal.

There was an added bonus when we discovered that the noodles would stick to the wall of the tub.

After everything and everyone was dry, they were still fun to play with. Keira sorted them by color, stacked them up, counted them...and then had the 'fun' of picking them all up and putting them in the mesh bag I made. It turns out 3 noodles actually makes quite a few noodle pieces.

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