Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting ready one step at a time

Now that we know we're having boys, the ball is rolling, albeit quite slowly. Monday will make 20 weeks (yay, halfway!) and I'm getting bigger and less able to do, well, much of anything really. These little buggers are energy drainers, to be sure.

My sister and I already sorted through the totes of baby clothes and separated the girly stuff. While we have no problems using a pink or purple cloth diaper, I had promised Doug that I'd wouldn't use anything with ruffles if we ever had a boy. 

We transitioned Keira to a twin floor bed a couple nights ago so that we can convert the crib back into a crib and move it into what will be the boys' room.This was where she was sleeping, complete with a few knitted blankets and a pillow she had claimed from our bed.

Doug brought up the twin mattress upstairs and I got it set up. Keira enjoyed "helping".

A lot.

She's really loving her new bed. I love that I can sit on the side comfortable during those wake ups.

As for sleeping, well, I'd say she transitioned just fine and is ready to hand down her old stuff to her brothers.

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