Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boys or Girls?

Tomorrow morning, I will {weather permitting} have another ultrasound. Since I'll be about 18 weeks, we're hoping they'll be able to tell us what sex our two little ones are. It's been snowing today and it just kept coming down.

My mom is watching Keira for me while I have it done so I've prepared a surprise if we get confirmation. These are colored chocolate chip cookies inside of a brownie. I made both pink & blue with a couple extra so that I could cut one open to see how it would look. I'm going to add a bit of frosting to hide the tops so they can't tell before opening them.

Since I needed both colors, but not a ton of reveals, I just baked the rest of the cookies.

If our little beans decide to play modest, we'll have a yummy dessert and cross our fingers for the next ultrasound. Their big sister was pretty stubborn the first couple peeks.

So what do you think? Are we having boys or girls?

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