Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wall Art

Doug and I purchased this poster a while ago. Like a couple years. We originally planned to get a nice frame for it and put it up on the kitchen wall above our table. Well, after a few months of it sitting in the cardboard tube, I got sick of seeing the blank wall and up it went. And that's how it stayed until a few days ago.

After seeing a couple variations I liked on Pinterest, I picked up 3 canvases at Michaels. Use the coupons, trust me. The odd size I needed made it so I couldn't find cheaper versions, but I was able to get them for about $8 each after the 40% off.

I already had the rest of my supplies on hand, though I kept debating on spray adhesive vs. Mod Podge.

I got the edges all painted up in one day, in between a bath, dinner and bedtime.

The next step was measuring exactly where the cuts would be. Not quite so easy when you realize that the 20x60 isn't actually 20x60.

Since I need to pick up a new blade anyway, I used a rotary cutter & mat to make sure my cuts where straight.

I ended up going with the spray adhesive. It took about an hour or so (while Keira was with her Memere). I left them stacked and weighted for another hour to be sure they were well adhered.

I had to cut a bit of the canvas off the back to have a spot to put the hanging tab. A few measurements on the wall and we were ready for hanging.

I like it a lot better this way. (Next up is to get rid of that extension wire.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

20 Weeks Today!

20 weeks. Yikes! That went by fast.

20 weeks is the halfway mark of a full term pregnancy, which is generally considered to be 40 weeks. According to several googled sources, the average twin pregnancy is about 36 weeks. Of course, there's really no telling what will happen or when, but fingers crossed, doctors orders followed and hopefully, these boys will be patient and grow as much as they can before joining us.

In the last week or so, I've really been to feel them moving. Though it's mostly the 'popcorn' type that I've felt, there has been one or two good hits. And once, I felt them at the same time. That was quite strange.

At my latest ultrasound on Friday, they measured right on track, good heartbeats and both weighing about 12 ounces. Baby A still has his hands in front of his face but he had turned just enough for the tech to manage getting the needed images. Baby B had given us all but a good view of his feet the first time and is still not giving those up so we'll try again in another 2 weeks.

As for me, well, growing two people while chasing a toddler seems to be a lot more energy draining than I thought it would be. Another major difference, though expected, has been my clothes. With Keira, I wore most of my regular clothes right to the end. Not with these guys. My jeans have already been resigned to the drawers until further notice and many of my shirts will remain in the closet. I've been shopping once or twice but haven't found too much luck.

Thanks to being only 5'2", most of the shirts tend to look more like dresses, but I managed to find a couple I liked. I'll be much happier when the weather warms up so I can wear more actual dresses. And because I've yet to post a 'bump' pic, here you go: a pic of me, about 20 weeks, trying on a maternity shirt. (I think it's the first pic of my super short haircut as well. I'll have to do a better one at some point).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting ready one step at a time

Now that we know we're having boys, the ball is rolling, albeit quite slowly. Monday will make 20 weeks (yay, halfway!) and I'm getting bigger and less able to do, well, much of anything really. These little buggers are energy drainers, to be sure.

My sister and I already sorted through the totes of baby clothes and separated the girly stuff. While we have no problems using a pink or purple cloth diaper, I had promised Doug that I'd wouldn't use anything with ruffles if we ever had a boy. 

We transitioned Keira to a twin floor bed a couple nights ago so that we can convert the crib back into a crib and move it into what will be the boys' room.This was where she was sleeping, complete with a few knitted blankets and a pillow she had claimed from our bed.

Doug brought up the twin mattress upstairs and I got it set up. Keira enjoyed "helping".

A lot.

She's really loving her new bed. I love that I can sit on the side comfortable during those wake ups.

As for sleeping, well, I'd say she transitioned just fine and is ready to hand down her old stuff to her brothers.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The verdict is in......

Thanks to our lovely snowstorm, I wasn't able to have my usually scheduled ultrasound on Friday. I got it rescheduled for yesterday and since I am 18 weeks along, they decided to do the anatomy scan. Both little ones are measuring right on track and are both apx 8 oz each.

Baby A is lying comfy at the bottom of my uterus and facing my back. That means that we weren't able to get any facial shots.

Baby B is just under my ribs and was kicking so much that the tech could not get a good enough shot of the feet to measure. Got a good shot of a leg, though.

Since we weren't able to get some angles, they'll just try at the next one.

The tech was also able to confirm the sex. We're having......


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boys or Girls?

Tomorrow morning, I will {weather permitting} have another ultrasound. Since I'll be about 18 weeks, we're hoping they'll be able to tell us what sex our two little ones are. It's been snowing today and it just kept coming down.

My mom is watching Keira for me while I have it done so I've prepared a surprise if we get confirmation. These are colored chocolate chip cookies inside of a brownie. I made both pink & blue with a couple extra so that I could cut one open to see how it would look. I'm going to add a bit of frosting to hide the tops so they can't tell before opening them.

Since I needed both colors, but not a ton of reveals, I just baked the rest of the cookies.

If our little beans decide to play modest, we'll have a yummy dessert and cross our fingers for the next ultrasound. Their big sister was pretty stubborn the first couple peeks.

So what do you think? Are we having boys or girls?