Monday, February 4, 2013

My Little Monkey

Keira has no idea how much her world is going to change in a few months. I've started to tell her that there are babies in mommy's belly, but so far, she either doesn't get it or she just doesn't care. Could go either way, really.

She's been learning new things and getting more independent, which I'm sure will be a blessing later. It's not easy to feel that way when she insists on coming down the stairs without holding my hand. "I do it". Of course, that means I get to hold Monkey, Bear & any other of her menagerie that has been deigned to join us on today's journey to the living room.

Everything is "I do it" now. She's been undressing herself for a while now, but now she's taken a bigger interest in dressing herself. Some attempts have better results than other but she's getting pretty good. (She waddled around the kitchen for a good 3 minutes like this.)

She even puts her boots on by herself. They're on the wrong feet in this photo, but most of the time, she does get them right.

She knows a bunch of colors and shapes as well as a few numbers and letters. She knows a ton of animals and their sounds. She adores reading her books and she loves coloring.

The staredown for the blue crayon.

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