Monday, February 18, 2013

Another project done

Keira has been keeping us on our toes since before she could walk. She's still doing it.

A couple days ago, I was sitting at the bar in our kitchen and suddenly felt a cold breeze on my feet. The little monkey had turned on the air conditioning. Previously, she had managed to turn off our heat as well as turn it up. Ah, the joy of toddlers.

Since we can't exactly move our thermostats, as they are mounted to the wall, we had to come up with another option. Our couch is too big to fit in any other spot in our living room. So what else? I saw (on Pinterest, where else) a hinged canvas to hide a thermostat. There's only one problem. Most canvases are only an inch or so deep. We needed something at least 1 3/4". Armed with a measuring tape and a list, I decided to check out the local Michael's & AC Moore's stores to see what I could find.

I found a great sale on front-hinged shadow boxes. 40% off, making the one that would fit about $20. I bought 2, one for each side of the couch. I cut down some 16x20 mats that I already had and put in photos from our trip to PEI. I taped them to the door of the box and left the back of the box off completely.

After double checking the weight capacities, I put a 3M Command Strip on each corner and attached it to the wall around the thermostats. (I am going to move the wedding photo higher.)

I think it works pretty well. The door opens from the right, which makes it quite difficult for tiny fingers to open. With the door shut, it look no different than any other photo frame. Score 1 for Mommy.

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