Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard 2013 - Part 2

At 10pm, I went to bed. Keira was asleep and my mother-in-law was watching a movie. Since Doug and his father were out plowing, we felt better being all together in one place, in case we lost electricity or something happened.

Well, just before midnight, the power went out. We usually use a pellet stove to heat our home, but that needs electricity, so out it went. Luckily, we have a woodstove in the basement. Unluckily, Keira woke up two minutes later. We took turns holding Keira and getting the wood and stove lit. Since that stove is what we used to heat our home pre-Keira, it was 'old hat' and I had it lit in no time. We all moved to the living room where we snuggled under blankets and went back to sleep. The coldest it got in the house was 63 degrees and our power came back on a bit before 6:30 am.

Most of the day was overcast and the snow stopped in the early afternoon. It was hard to guess how much snow we had because of all the drifts, but our neighbors measured 19 inches. I was toasty in the house and had no intentions of going outside. Here are some pictures from the morning.

There is a street under there, I promise. The weight of the snow was incredible. Just looking at all the branches weighed down was amazing. When I got onto Facebook, my News Feed was filled with pictures of snow and status's of lost power. A couple photos showed trees fallen over onto power lines.

Our street is one of the furthest from the center of town so we're used to getting plowed at the last. The trucks came around 8:30 the night before, doing one sweep over the inch or two we had gotten. But they didn't come again until 3pm the next day. By then it had stopped snowing and we had a foot and a half.

While plowing, he got stuck at least 4 times and had to be pulled out. But they got it all done and now our road is clear for driving. Not that I plan to go anywhere today. We're hanging out in our jammies and relaxing.

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  1. I'm one of those weird people who is jealous of your snowfall. :) Love the pictures, so pretty. We haven't really gotten a winter here in Kansas City, which is just sad.