Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If you thought last week's post was exciting...

I had this nice big post all typed up & ready for posting about how now that I'm not working, I'm going to be decluttering and deep cleaning.

Well, scratch that.

Yesterday, I went to my OB for the first ultrasound of this pregnancy. And got one hell of a shock.

I was watching the monitor, seeing the baby fade in and out, when I jokingly asked the tech, "There's just one in there, right?"

She looked at me and said "no, there's two."

My heart stopped. My breathing stopped. Everything froze in that moment. The world didn't exist beyond that monitor.

"You're joking, right?"

"No, look, you've got twins."

The rest of the ultrasound was a blur of "oh my god"s and deep breaths. I'm pretty certain she was enjoying my shock. She took a bunch of measurements, told me everything looked fine, and off I went to have my blood work done, where I amused the phlebotomist as well. From there I went to my mom's to share the news and get Keira.

Yes, dad, two. Twins.

This morning, we told Doug's parents. The news is still taking some time to settle in and I'm sure I'm going to go slightly nuts over the next few months. From trying to figure out what we can make do with just one of something to what we'll need two of all the way to picking out TWO names! Thankfully, I'm friends with a couple twin moms who have been awesome to offer help already. So instead of welcoming one baby in August, it looks like we'll be getting two in July. Let the madness begin.

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