Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Pajama Makeover

Keira recently discovered that she can get out of her clothes. Obviously, this has been causing me a bit of frustration. Mainly, because it's winter and oh, about 40 degrees outside. Second, because she isn't potty trained yet. Or maybe those are backwards. Whatever.

Keeping socks and shoes on her has ever been hopeless, but now pants practically need to be fastened with duct tape. For a while, I was able to keep her in her one-piece pajamas and not worry about it. Then she figured out the zipper. Feel free to sigh along with me. Some friends, who are already dealing with this,have been putting onesies over the pajamas. While onesies work great during the day for at least keeping her half dressed, I was reluctant to add extra layers to her while sleeping. Another Doug trait, she's a furnace when she sleeps. I'll admit, I'm jealous.

I remember having two-piece footed pajamas as a child and so began searching the internet. Nothing. Carter's was pretty much the only ones I found mention of even making them, but they haven't made any for a while. So I decided to make some myself.

I took one of her pajamas and cut it in half at the waist. I used a zig-zag stitch to close the zipper and added a small hem. I added four snaps, two in front and two in back. (yes, I know, it's crooked.)

There are big gaps, which can be made smaller by using more snaps, but I wanted to test this out before going 'whole hog'.

The verdict: She slept through the night. And the next night. And she can't get them off. Win!

November Showers

It's no secret that Keira loves water.

For awhile now, I've been using our handheld shower to wash her and get her used to showering. She still get to play in the tub on occasion, but she seems to actually prefer the shower now.

We were recently discussing it with some friends. At our next get together, they passed down the dolphin shower they had used with their daughter. How stinkin' cute is he?

He mounted right onto the diverter we use for the handheld with no problem and in about two minutes.

He's the perfect height and she loved it. I loved it as well because I didn't have to hold it the whole time.

My silly little fish.