Friday, October 19, 2012

Farm Fun!

Last weekend, we took Abby & Keira to a local farm that hosts fall attractions for kids. It was such a great day. The weather was cold but sunny and beautiful. We got there early, hoping to avoid possible crowds. As luck would have it, time was on our side and we hardly had to wait for anything, even the pony rides.

Our first stop was the corn maze. Keira loved it. We even let her run ahead a few times, figuring on her staying on the paths.

 The cuteness here just kills me.

Of course, Keira decided she was tired of paths. Luckily, she's still small enough to fit between the rows without causing damage.

Our next stop was the horse drawn hay ride.

Another guest was kind enough to take a photo of all of use together. Of course, neither of the kids were looking. Figures.

Giant pile of loose hay, add toddler, and know what you get? Hay everywhere. My mom was still plucking it out of her sweatshirt pocket hours later.

Since the hay ride seemed to be the extent that Keira would still for, we skipped the tractor rides and headed over to the ponies. Abby & Keira both had their turn around the corral.

Look at her, not a speck of fear.

Well, at least until the pony moved. Then she couldn't really decide if she was ok with it, but she stuck it out pretty well.

From there, we checked out the petting area.

"Don't climb the fence" was repeated several times. Doesn't she look contrite?

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. It's just too funny.

Abby & Keira took turns feeding the horse grass.

We took a stab at a posed photo.

Yeah, not so much.

while Abby was off getting her face painted, we let Keira run. This girl needs acreage. She was in her glories.

Love this pic.

On our way out, we stopped to pick (sugar) pumpkins. They offered painting but we figured we'd skip that. Each of the girls got to pick their own.

Since we had a great day at the farm, we decided to finish it off with lunch and ice cream at Friendly's.

Apparently, Friendly's has the best kids bendy straws.

I swear this is not her first experience with ice cream.