Thursday, August 30, 2012

Montreal, Part 3

After saying good-bye to our friends, we wandered around Old Port some more. Once again, there was something going. We had no idea what this was either.

We cringed at how hot they must have been in their costumes as it was more than warm that day. One spot we always visit is the fountain at Vauquelin Square. As it was such a hot day, it was a popular spot and people were taking advantage of the cool water. My little fish was so excited when she saw it, we couldn't resist dipping her feet to cool her a bit.

We spent a bit more time at the park near the water and then headed back to the hotel to cool off before heading back out for supper.

Since we were just going for supper, we decided to skip the stroller and use the Ergo. It was much easier going through the Metro and since the temperature had gone down a bit, it didn't get too warm for her.

We decided to head back to Les Trois Brasseurs. We had more poutine and another flammekueche, this time with tomatoes, pesto & parmasan & romano cheese. It was all really good.

Look at that smile! My silly little monkey.

And what night is complete without some playtime with Daddy?

He was teaching her how to honk her nose.

The next morning it was time to get headed home. So that I could pack, I broke out the secret weapon. I found this house at a yard sale about a couple weeks before. It didn't have any people with it, but Grandma gave us some and I found some others at a consignment shop.

She did really good, but eventually, we took out the DVD player and Big Bird. She really loves that DVD.

And when all else fails.....

We had a good vacation and are happy to be home again.

Montreal, Part 2

Saturday morning, we had plans to meet up with my friend, Rosemary, her husband, Patrick, and their little boy, Tyler, and visit the Biodome. So of course, Keira was planning to sleep in. We got up, moving and back onto the Metro. Doug and Keira played peekaboo to help time go by and before you knew it, we were there.

Rosemary & Patrick don't live in the city, but they were really great and drove in to meet us. They are super nice and we had a wonderful time chatting and checking out the animals.

Can I just say, these kids love fish. I'm not sure what the big deal was, but they love them. You'll see.

Also, in case you weren't paying attention, I'm actually in some of these. Doug has been getting braver and actually using my camera. I think he's doing pretty good. As long as it's on auto. We're still working on focus points, but hey, it's a start.

This is how much she loves slides.

Nothing like a sneak hug in the hallway, complete with a face smush.

One of the more crowded exhibits was the linx. It's really cool to begin with.....

but who could resist a baby linx?

Then we entered The Fish Room. These two could have stayed here all day.

And there goes my hugging machine. Keira loves to give hugs. Particularly if you're under 3 feet tall.

Poor Ty had no idea what he was in for, but he was a good sport about it.

Then a really big fish came.

They loved the fish so much they even chased him along the glass.

Several times.

Tempting as it was to stay, we finally pried them away from the giant fish and moved onto the next exhibits.


From there, it was off to Vieux-Montréal, or Old Port. In Place Jacques-Cartier sits one of our favorite restaurants, Le Jardin Nelson. They have a full menu but we always get crepes. They offer a variety of stuffing from apples to chicken and broccoli to tomatoes, mozzarella, & pesto and more. While the food has always been top-notch, the atmosphere is what really makes it worthwhile. You can eat indoors or on the front patio, but the treasure is in the back. It is a roofless area (they have raincatchers and heaters for inclement weather occasions) with different levels and loads of greenery and flowers. They also have live soft music.

After dinner, we walked down the quay and took in the views of the shops and park. Before long, we had to say goodbye to our friends. Thanks again, Rosemary, Patrick & Ty. We had a wonderful time.

Since this post is already quite long, I'll end it here. Part 3, coming up.