Sunday, August 26, 2012

Open Closet Easy

Recently, Keira was given more hand-me-downs. I can't even begin to thank the family and friends that have so generously passed down so much clothes for our little monkey.

Unfortunately, since I stuffed her closet when we did her toddler bed transition, getting clothes in there turned into a gymnastics feat that would give Gabby Douglas trouble. Keira's room has adjustable shelving already in it, so a quick trip to Home Depot, two minute install, and Voila! Open closet. This is going to make dressing her sooo much easier.

Let me rephrase that. This will make choosing her clothes sooo much easier. Dressing her? That depends on the day. And while we're discussing her antics, after hanging the shelving, I happened to look down & notice this. See something not quite right?

Yeah, missing cap. I turned and asked my little troublemaker if she had something. And she proudly held up her trophy. sigh.