Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby Gear Reviews: The Crib

Yesterday, my friend Jayne, over at The Naptown Organizer, did a review on some baby products and it got me to thinking. Now that Keira is almost 17 months old, I thought it'd be a good time to go back and look at the stuff we picked and see just how well it's held up so far. So get ready for a bunch of these in the next few weeks or whatever. Don't worry, I'll still be posting about Keira and my DIY's, just throwing these in between here and there.

Doug and I viewed most products as investments because we originally wanted 3 or 4 kids and wanted the items to last. Without too many details, a miserable pregnancy and one Miss Keira later, we will most likely stop at 2. That's a post for another day, so let's move on, shall we? I reviewed some baby gear way back in the early stages of my pregnancy. Haha! What did I know, right? Funny enough, I've been re-reading them and we've stuck with almost all our choices. It was more info than actually testing to be honest with you, anyway.

All set up and waiting for baby.

Let's start with the usual first big decision: the crib. Here's the original pre-baby post. The Baby Cache Heritage. I fell in love with it when I saw it. I still love it. Well, there is one part of me that doesn't. My ribs. They downright hate this thing. You see, it never dawned on me that one day, I'd have to drop the mattress to kingdom come and lower my little 94th percentile kid down in there. Let me tell you, there were many a night I longed for the days of drop side cribs.

I'll be honest, this crib has gotten off easy. Keira has never jumped in it, climbed out of it, shook it across the room, or anything else. She's never left teeth marks, but since she only got teeth 2 months ago, that may change soon enough. Actually, it's seen more action with my occasional spurts of rearranging than from Keira. Hmm.

17-ish months later.

It's out of camera shot, but the monkey mobile still hangs above her crib. She loves to blow at it and make the little paper monkeys move (mommy helps). The mattress on the floor behind her crib (or beside, depending on your view) has been great for any tough nights we've had. She's very rarely in her room but I moved a couple bins to the floor holding some stuffies & some books. We're about to take off the front of the crib and attach a toddler rail so I wanted to make sure she had something to occupy her on any super early mornings.

Right. You know, she'll be screaming for me after they've been thrown around the room.