Monday, June 18, 2012

Reusing Coffee-mate bottles

Do you use liquid creamer? Know someone who does? Have you been on Pinterest?

I don't use creamer but some of my family do and they were nice enough to save a couple bottles for me. I saw this on Pinterest (where else, right?) and wanted to try it.

It works great. The small bottle is perfect for holding goldfish & oyster crackers (all we've tried so far). The tops open and close super easy. It fits great in diaper bags & cup holders. It won't break when it's dropped or thrown. What more could you ask for?

Another thing I like is that you have to give it a little shake for the snacks to come out. Basically, they won't pour all over the floor if the get knocked over.

Pinterest also has ideas for pancake making. Using condiment bottles for pouring and such.

This morning I had made a batch of crepes. Ok, I made 2 batches. I had to. Keira ate 5 herself (they are her favorite, after all), then Doug finished them off. Not that there was many, I had only planned to make a small batch. I made more so I could eat and brought the rest to my friend when we visited. Of course, it was later when I decided I wanted to see how well the bottle idea worked so I got everything back out. Including a large Coffee-mate bottle.
I decided to see how well shaking would mix the ingredients. There were a few clumps more than normal, but otherwise, not bad. I will probably use this idea a good amount as we really love crepes in our house.

It was really easy to pour into the pan (when not trying to take a picture) and no drippy mess. Also, I can make what we will eat and put the remaining batter in the fridge until the next morning. The large bottle holds 4 cups, so for crepes, that's a good amount.

Dinner: Quick & Easy

I don't cook.

Well, I cook. But it's not something I enjoy. It never has been. I'm getting better at it so it's not as bad as it used be. I'm one of those people who could happily eat frozen dinners and Chef Boyardee all the time. I think it's pretty obvious why that would be a bad idea. And I try to feed Keira healthy, even if there are days I don't eat that way myself. There have been plenty of times that I've given her something to eat different from mine. Luckily she loves vegetables. Broccoli, squash, carrots. etc. And she loves fruit. Loves.

I recently made my first meatloaf. And it came out pretty good. So I tried it with turkey and I'm making it again this week. Not my friend Rosemary's recipe like I had wanted since I was missing several key ingredients, but I've decided to add some chopped broccoli to it and we're going to see how that goes. Baby steps, people, baby steps. I'd love to be at her level, both love of cooking and ability. Maybe one day.

But there are plenty of days where I'm just not in the mood to cook. I'd rather put away laundry if that's any indication of my cooking love. So I have my cheat meals. If Doug is home, I do try to put in a bit more effort (since he works so hard, I figure he at least deserves a decent meal). So after doing a bunch of stuff to get ready to go back to work, visiting a friend, I had run out of steam. So I made this:

Beef stir-fry with orange ginger sauce. Looks good, huh? It has 3 ingredients. Now before you start questioning my ability to count, I'll explain.

Stir-fry blend of frozen veggies (contains carrots, broccoli, green beans, water chestnuts & onions)
LaChoy Orange Ginger sauce

Cut up and cook beef. Drain fat. Add in veggies. Add in sauce. Cook until desired veggie crispness. Eat.

I haven't read the label of the sauce. I'm not planning on it. I'm sure it's got some insane amount of sodium or who knows what and it will make me not want to use it. But you can't win every battle so, for now, I'll hang onto my shortcuts. Most of which are sauces or condensed soups.

Maybe I'll even share my crockpot pineapple-bbq wings. Those are realllly good. And quick & easy.

And now I'm hungry.