Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm feeling sentimental.

It happens. I've been slacking on pics of Keira and general updates since Doug & I have been concentrating on his new job and a few other things. So a little mushiness to make up the time.

I love the age that Keira is now. I love that she walks around and is growing more independent. I love to hear her chattering and actually being able to understand some of what she wants. When I look back to the days when she was tiny (not that 8#3oz could really be considered tiny), I don't really miss them. Constant feedings, changes, crying and a lack of sleep blend together to make the first 3 months pretty much a blur.

But then I see this.

And I want to snuggle that teeny tiny little squishy.

Anyway, enjoy.

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There will be some interesting stuff coming up this summer including some giveaways. So make sure you stay updated and keep an eye out because our first one will be when we hit 30 likes.

Thankful 30: Post 15 - Technology

It's no secret that I love techonology. From DVDs to laptops to android phones. I shudder to think what I'd do without the internet at my fingertips. Ok, so I'd be outside in my yard or cleaning my house. Blah. But I adore being able to look something up at the slightest whim. I have met great people that are all over the world. I've been able to learn new things and book vacations.