Friday, April 6, 2012

Thankful 30: Post 6 - Recliner

That's right. I'm thankful for a recliner. It's comfortable. It's easy to clean. And it rocks. We actually have two, but if you visited, you wouldn't know that. Originally, they were both in the living room. As time went on and Keira got taller, she started digging her feet into the arm of the glider and pushing. This made for very awkward feedings and rockings.

So Doug switched the recliner for the glider. It was wonderful. Now we both have more room. We're both comfortable. And on the really rough nights, if it comes to it, we can both sleep in it. I'm happy to say, it has only been a couple times. Though it may be comfortable, my bed is still a lot more.

What we've been up to

 So besides the usual housework and whatnot, here's what we've been doing lately.

We went out to eat with family. Keira is not a fan of lemons.

 We've discovered our fashion sense. Or lack of.

 We've found some interesting sleep positions.

 We helped to destroy sensitive documents

 We inspected our fabric selections.

We put together storage cubes. Twice.

 We learned how to climb on top of the table. Joy of joys.