Monday, March 19, 2012

Toddlerhood: Round 1

To say Keira has gotten into mischief as an infant is a heck of an understatement. Feel free to peruse the archives if you haven't seen her escapades. It seems she has every intention of keeping me on my toes well into toddlerhood.

This is our stove. Sans knobs. Keira can not only reach them, but turn them. Such a cute little fire hazard, isn't she?

She can also reach the kitchen drawers. Luckily, not enough to take things out. Yet. But she is tall enough to put things in.

She can reach the tabletops quite easily.

 She can also take the garbage lid off.

 Though she hasn't gotten the concept of recycling just yet (she threw her water bottle away).

And while I washed the kitchen floor, she tried to scale the gate.

Since that didn't work, she decided on a different goal.

 I'll admit it, it amused me when she turned the vacuum on and scared herself. Not that she was scared, but because she told that vacuum off for it (note the pointed finger. A moment before, she was waving it at the vacuum).

And the real fun, as if those weren't enough, she can now reach door knobs.

Yep, just what I needed.

This place is gonna start looking like Alcatraz.

Sweatshirt Makeover

I found this pic on Pinterest and decided  to attempt repurposing an old sweatshirt.

While I feel that I should have brought the sides in more (which I think I might do later) and spaced the buttons further apart, it didn't turn out too bad.

 Step 1. Find a sweatshirt or material to use & measure out your pieces/cuts. Since I used one of Doug's old sweatshirts (the grey one), I used one of mine (blue) to judge how wide the pieces should be.

 Since the sweatshirt was grey, I used a silver sharpie to mark it. That way, if it bled through, it wouldn't be noticeable. Since the sweatshirt didn't have an waist cuff, I decided to add a mock one.

I found it easier just to lay the sleeves on top of each other instead of measuring.

Make sure you do both sleeves.

And cut along the lines. Since the sweatshirt was wider than I normally wear & the sleeves longer, I decided it would be easier tojust ut them off, take out the extra and reattach.

I pinned the mock waist and stitched that first.

Then I pinned the and stitched the front cuts.

 This was done over a period of time and had several interruptions, from retrieving my supplies that seemed to wander off to dealing with the smell emanating from below my ironing board.

Next up was reducing the sleeves.

Shortening them and reattaching wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but it definitely needed patience and quiet to make sure I put them on right. Read: after Keira was in bed. I also noticed that when I would turn the armholes, occasionally a pin would loosen. I didn't want her getting them so I made sure I kept a sharp eye on how many I used and made sure they were all accounted for.

After I trimmed off the extra material .

Then I attached the buttons and made the buttonholes. The top one was mainly to hide the old logo, but I'm considering opening a button hole for it.

There you have it. It was actually pretty easy, though I would change a couple things I did if I made another.

 On to my next project: a Butterfly dress for Keira. I have a really cute froggy print that I can't wait to use.