Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Videos from today

Although Keira's been doing this for months, for some reason, she's felt the need to do it constantly for the last two days.
It makes for an interesting background noise.


At least she says mama, right?

She loves to play ball. She also loves to throw things. Especially herself at me.

This happens on a regular basis here.


More sillyness

Keira Craziness

Just a handful of pics of some things our little trouble has been up to.

 We made good use of the box the baby gate came in.

Keira's been 'helping' with some crafting.

She thoroughly enjoys her food. So does her hair.

She managed to take the wheels off one of her new toys.

She can now reach the drawers in the kitchen.

And this morning, she brought the curtains down on herself (they were only held up by tension rods).

More to come later......

Furry Glasses Case

Don't worry a Keira post is coming soon. Just one more craft first. A furry glasses case. Of course, you could put anything you want in it, but the original title was eyeglasses case.

Isn't it cute? This one didn't come from Pinterest, oddly enough. It came from a magazine my mom had. I checked out the instructions and didn't care for them so I just made my own.

First measure out the size you want, adding extra for foldovers, say half an inch.

Cut. (Fairly obvious, that one.)

Decide on your interior color.

Cut your inside color so that it is just a bit smaller than the fur.

Determine where you want your eyes and sew them on. I also used a bit of hot glue to make the threads extra secure.

Sew on the top snap. Remember this is going to be folded over. Once again, I added a dab of hot glue. Glue the top half of your inside fabric to the fur. I used hot glue and smoothed it out as I went.  Fold over the top edge of the fur and glue down so that the snap is on the inside.

Sew on the other side of the snap so that when it's folded, it lines up.

Now glue down the remainder of your inside fabric. Fold up the bottom edge and glue.

Fold in the sides and glue

Fold up the bottom and glue both sides.

Voila! All done!