Friday, March 9, 2012

The many uses of toilet paper rolls

If you've been on Pinterest for any length of time more than 5 minutes, you seen them. Toilet paper rolls. From seed starters to wall decorations, their uses are unlimited.

In a fit of exhaustion, I devised a creation of my own. Based on a Pinterest find, but with a few alterations. Obviously not the prettiest thing, but had I put a bit more effort in (and not been so bloody tired), I have no doubt it could have come out quite nice.

First cut the toilet paper tube on an angle. I measured 2 inches and used a rotary cutter but you could use a ruler & scissors. And don't worry about squishing it. It squishes back easily.

Next, adhere the paper to the tube.

I tried to adhere the paper, then cut them together. it didn't work quite as well.

Glue 2 tubes together.

Glue them to your backing.

Glue the next set to backing.

I could have fit another set in between but I decided 4 was enough for me, took some pics and called it a night. Now that I'm looking at it again, I realize this could work quite nice all in one straight row for the back of a desk, too. What I like also, is that this could be used on a tabletop or on a wall.

Bathroom Lockdown

As if we needed another reason that Keira should not be allowed in the bathroom.

And today, as I was getting her second bath ready.

Yup, second bath. She had to have two today. Why, you ask? Well, it would just figure that the only Safety First lock that I didn't use 3M sticky tabs with happened to be on the toilet. I just used the adhesive they come with. Apparently, that wasn't a good idea.

Once again, someone forgot to close the bathroom door (It actually wasn't Doug this time) and she managed to pull it just right, well, the next thing I know, I hear splashing. You can imagine I was concerned. Yup, there she was. Playing in the toilet water. Wonderful. Toilet water all over the seat, the floor, her onesie was soaked.

I will be installing a bungee on the door very soon.