Wednesday, February 15, 2012

These feet were made for walking

Today, while in the office getting some actual work done, I managed to find my P&S camera. I've had my eye out for it for a few days but just couldn't figure out where the thing was. I was under the desk looking for magnet letter and low & behold, there it was. It had fallen behind the desk. You know what that means.
That's right, I got it on video. Enjoy the wobbly.

Monkeying around

Last week, we went to a place called Monkey Joe's. They have several locations and there was one about 40 minutes from us. We met our friends there and had a great time.

They are basically a different type of Chuck E. Cheese. Instead of tubes to crawl through, they have 6-8 of the large blown up play "things". There was a pirate ship, a gigantic slide, a climbing one and what looked like an obstacle course. They even have a toddler area for ages 3 and under. The little ones had a great time and I wouldn't mind going again.

She was out 10 minutes into the ride home she was so exhausted. I wouldn't have minded a nap myself.


If you have ever spent long enough with Keira, you'd understand that she is never still. However, very few people realize that this trait doesn't end just because she's asleep. Here's monitor pictures from the last couple nights alone. The ones where you cannot see her face/head is because our camera doesn't not get the uppermost corner. She was not actually buried under the blankets. Though I did manage to have a mini heart attack as I flung myself out of bed to make sure the first few times.

And maintaining her reputation of getting into everything, today, she decided to climb into the cabinet to play with the pots and pans properly.