Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I can see clearly now!

I've always liked that song. And the title totally fits this post. For those of you previously unaware, a few weeks ago, my phone met with misfortune. I won't go into details, but you can see it wasn't pretty. Yes, it did still work, even with the scotch tape.

Instead of paying several hundred for a new phone (considering this was my month old upgrade), I decided to brave the attempt of a repair. It was easier than I expected. Though I will say that anyone who is planning to attempt should own the tools and be familiar with them. This is not the time to buy & learn to use a heat gun. Trust me.

I purchased a replacements glass on Amazon for a measly $12 + shipping. It came in today, so once Keira was down, I got everything together, brought up YouTube and got started. It's amazing how these are so simply constructed and yet highly intricate. And here's the guts. Gotta love those tiny ribbon cables.

My nice new glass!

Glass is on and we're ready for reassembly.


And it's working beautifully!

I now have a nice clear screen. I'll admit, I had sadly gotten used to the cracks so it seems odd, like a whole different phone. I'm sure that I'll be over that soon enough. My brother-in-law should be proud of me, I didn't break a single piece. And yes, mom, I see the time. I'm typing this as I rock your grandchild who decided she didn't feel like a good night's sleep, much to my disappointment.