Thursday, February 2, 2012

We are just a crafty family

See these cupcakes?

Red velvet covered in crushed Oreos?

I didn't bake them. Doug did. Hence the Oreo abundance. They are very yummy.

My kusudama is coming along nicely. I finished the petals last night and got a few of the flowers put together before calling it quits.

And we went to my mom's today. I started the onesies and bow ties. I had no idea that were that easy. Seriously. Ridiculous easy. I started by getting out my felt colors.


Keira helped.

Then I cut the felt to the right sizes.

And Voila!

I love these so much! They are so cute! I can't wait to give them to my friend and see how much she likes them.

While I worked on bow ties, there was some napping going on in the other room.

Then some peek-a-boo.

And a whole lot of screeching.

First Painting Class

For those of you not in the know, my family has done ceramics for years. Keira had her first painting class the other day. She used underglazes so that it wouldn't leave any stains. Auntie Melanie helped her get started.

She started getting a little too excited with the paintbrush...

So for safety, Auntie took it away...

Can we say dramatics?

So they moved to fingerpainting instead...

then lunch.

Gotta love her.