Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working on our goal

Tonight while watching some Baby Signing Time, Keira helped me destroy some old documents. I thought shredding was enough but she had other ideas. It's this reason that she isn't yet allowed in the office.

First heart attack of 2012

I say first because I expect many. This is the year Keira will turn a year old. It is the year she will learn to walk. Learn to run. Fall. Have new foods and possible allergic reactions. Yep, just the first moment of heart-stopping mommy panic.

She climbed the stairs.

That sentence seems far to simple for what she did. If you know our house, you'd know that other than tupperware or toys, there is actually very little for Keira to get into. The entertainment center & pellet stove are gated off. The cabinet under the sink has a lock. The trash is elevated and all the doors are kept closed. The odd thing is that, even when we encouraged her, she would never climb them. She climbed the stairs at MoS so we figured we'd work on it. She never so much as got up on the first step. So we used her pack n'play to block the stairs, just in case she suddenly got a climbing urge. While she would occasionally go over to it, she'd quickly lose interest and go back to playing.

Thursday, we were going to Grandma's and I needed to get dressed. Since she was playing contently next to the couch, I figured, I'll run upstairs, throw my clothes on and come right back down. This takes 3 minutes. Tops. No make-up or hair, just jeans, shirt, go. I pulled the pack n'play against the stairs behind me and scooted up. I could hear her happy chatter as she played. Or so I thought. As I buttoned my jeans, I heard it.

The heart stopping slap of a baby hand on nearby hardwood.

I lifted my eyes to the hall just in time to see her smiling face joining the hand at. the. top. of. the. stairs.

Oh. My. God.


Big smile. "Come here, baby girl! Look at you! Such a big girl!" For the love of God, get over here and away from the stairs!

When I went back down, I noticed that the pack n'play was longer where I have put it. She managed to move it out of her way and scaled the entire flight of stairs in the amount of time it took me to put on a pair of jeans. Needless to say, we now have a gate locked into the bottom of the stairs. (I know it's crooked but it's secure. This gate is temporary until we get one that has a walk-through.)

I can hardly wait for what's next.

Keep the shock paddles ready. We might need them.

Pinterest Post:

We attempted another Pinterest find: Colored Ice Cubes! I say attempted because it came to a halt when common sense and logic finally decided to stop by. Ever colored Easter eggs? What did your finger tips look like by the time you were even halfway through? Yep, now apply that logic here. I am very sad to say it didn't dawn on me until I saw the ice cube dissolving in the tub. But anyway, Keira enjoyed them so I think I might just make regular ones for her to play with in the tub. And of course, pictures!

What we started with - water & food coloring.

Next day - ice!

First cube dissolving.

Keira eating cube #2 (I figured yellow would do the least amount of damage). Note the green tinted water.

And my trouble maker at her finest. All three drawers open.