Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm still here!

Once again, I've been in & out of the blog world. Well, to be frank, I've getting stuff done. I've been making stuff. For those of you who've had preview, remember, ssssshhhhhhh. Some items took longer than others, while some were surprisingly quick. And let's not forget the mundane every day chores of laundry, dishes, etc. Ah, such a glamorous life I lead.

One of the many things I've done around the house has been replacing our toilet seat. (Well, one of them anyway.) We did actually need a new one. The finish on the old seat was peeling and worn. After seeing it on Pinterest, I decided to see if the built-in potty seat/lid was actually something regularly available or someone's custom item. I was thrilled to find it was not only widely available, but priced at $45. So on one of my errand days, I stopped at Home Depot, picked one up and later that week, it was installed (by me).

I love it and we're not even potty training yet. There's a magnet in the lid & potty seat that keeps them together when not needed for tiny bottoms so there's no worry about it falling at an inappropriate time.

I also did our Christmas cards. Since time was running out and it seemed like they were never going to get done, I just winged it one night. I tossed a dress on, tied up her hair and stood her in front of the tree (after moving the gate). This is what I got. (None of these made it on the card. I'll be posting that one later.)

She's not fond of pigtails. She kept trying to take them out. Doug tried to distract her and I ended up with a bunch like this. Great smile, but not very useful for our card.

Sitting pretty in the chair? Nope. Not happening.

So I tried the 'stealing Santa's cookies & milk' scene. She went straight for the glass. She's obsessed with using non-sippy cups. And Oreos? Total Oreo lover.

After her cookie, she went for some more milk & ended up spilling. We called it a night and I loaded what I had onto the computer. The next couple weeks will no doubt be busy, with a work party, my family party, last minute prep, and all the every day stuff like work and chores. Hopefully, once the holidays are over, I can settle into some semblance of normalcy & get back to regular updating again.

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