Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting A-Head(board)

Good lord, that's horrible. Don't let me do that again.

Doug and I have not had a headboard on our bed in years.We're talking at least a decade and not because we didn't want one. We bought a new mattress and decided to upgrade from a full size to a king. After that,we just couldn't agree on one that was within our price range.

After spending too long on Pinterest one night, I got the notion to make my own. We had an old closet door panel, some foam padding, and plenty of fabric. All I had to do was decide what color. (I borrowed the staple gun from my dad after throwing up a white flag at our disaster of a workshop.) I read a couple tutorials and each one was slightly different. So I just kind of winged it.

Step 1. Cut foam to wrap around panel and staple while pulling snug and smoothing.

 I used lots of staples.

 The corners were a bit tricky.

Step 2. Iron & lay out fabric. I ended up not liking the fabric that I had that was big enough for this so I went shopping. My first stop was Walmart, but they only had faux leather in brown patterns. I found this black microsuede on sale at Joann's and decided it would be perfect.

Step 3. Making sure to pull snug and smooth, staple the fabric over the foam.

The corners were easier to do with the fabric than the foam at least.

I again used a ton of staples.

There it is, all nice & smooth. And covered in lint and dust.

Step 4. Add decorative nails. While at Joann's, I had picked up some decorative nails (these are kept in the upholstery area). I wasn't sure how well they would go in or how well they'd hold, so I tried one in the back side. It held. I tried to pry it back out so I could use it on the front. It's still in the back.

 I measured the center point and pressed in the first one, then measured 9 inches for the next (you could do more or less, depending on your tastes), and so on. While my thumb ached by the time I was done, they went in pretty easy. If you use a piece of plywood or other solid wood, I'd imagine you would need to use a hammer. I really didn't need mine, but the closet panels are hollow.

I definitely think the nails give a much nicer look.

Step..... 5. Attach to the bed. As you can see, there really isn't anything to attach the headboard to other than the metal frame. So I went into our back shed and scavenged around for some spare boards. then I dove into our workshop to dig up some hardware. Two sets of bolts, nuts & washers and some screws and I was ready to go.

After measuring, I drilled holes in the boards for both the screws to fasten the headboard and the bolts to attach to the brackets. I screwed the boards to the headboard first.

 I used the mattress to help balance the headboard while I fastened the bolts in the brackets.

 All done! Well, sort of. Pushing that bed around is hard work. Seriously.

I love it. It took less than 3 hours to make and maybe 1 or two to put it on. The fabric and two packages of decorative nails (24 nails in a package, I used 26) at Joann's cost $26. Everything else we had on hand.

The gorgeous photo of Paris was given to us (Thank you so much again) and the sheer curtains, we had. The curtain rod I picked up at Walmart for a little more than $12. It's actually two combined because the one I liked wasn't long enough. Next step is to get a set of lamps that actually match. Our bedroom is coming along, even if it is piece by piece.