Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chocolate Covered Jello Shots

As my usual, I got an idea and what results looks less like a "train of thought" and more like a 15 car pile up on a freeway. With some livestock thrown in for good measure. Are you picturing cows? Chickens? Good, let's move on.

Chocolate covered Jello shots.

At some point or another in their lives, most people have had Jello shots. Some good, some horrible, but those bright colored little cups are usually a welcome addition to a party. While Jello has only produces a few extra flavors through the years, there's been a significant increase in flavored alcohol, allowing for a vast array of recipes.

Though I'm sure most of you already know, the classic, super-easy Jello shot is made by replacing the cup of cold water with vodka. However, a few minutes on the internet and you will be completely overloaded with possible recipes. From drink-inspired Cosmopolitans to holiday-themed Jellied Eyeballs to jalapeno-infused Fire Breathing Dragons, the list can seem is endless.

Don't ask how the idea popped into my head. It just did. So of course, I had to attempt it.

Step 1. Make chocolate shells

 Step 2. Distract offspring

 Step 3. Fill with Jello shot & place in fridge

I still had a good amount of Jello left. Several of the recipes I'd come across used coconut milk. Since I had some on had, I figured I'd give it a shot and see what happened.

The verdict: They were actually pretty easy to make, just a bit time consuming. The coconut milk taste was barely noticeable. However, the 99 Bananas liquor I used was definitely not a good idea. While it did heighten the flavor of the strawberry banana Jello, it was too strong for my tastes. (I don't like to actually taste the alcohol.)

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