Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Gear Reviews: Chicco Keyfit 30

We originally chose this based on safety ratings and because we though we get a lot of use out of it. You know, since it goes to 30 pounds. Feel free to laugh at us.

Granted we could have continued to use it, but we got her convertible seat for a great deal and decided to just swap them out. It also doesn't help that when you put your little bundle of joy into them, they suddenly seem to weigh a billion pounds.

It was always very easy to get her in and out of, by anyone. Though Doug did have a issue with a stuffed duck in the beginning ("What does this strap do?" "Look at the duck" "oh"). In all fairness, he did do everything perfect on the first shot, no instructions. Until the tightening strap.

Let me tell you though, I miss that bugger. Especially when she falls asleep less than 5 minutes from our destination. Almost every time I've attempted to move her from her carseat asleep, she wakes up. So of course, many times, I leave her there. I end up playing on my phone or just relaxing. If I'm in luck, I might have brought something with me that I can work on, like knitting.

Plenty of cushion, decent canopy, easy to use. We had 2 bases so that we could enjoy the easiness of click-in and out. Chicco's drop in design? Love. I have a friend who had another brand and it had to line up just right to lock in. This one just seems to slide right into the right spot even if you don't line it up perfectly. Overall, we were very happy with our choice.

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