Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More dresses!

I finished a couple more dresses for Keira. This blue & zebra one was originally meant to wear to a friend's baby shower.

It was too big. I was following a pattern for the bodice that denoted a size 2. They lied. It fit Abby fine and she generally wears a 4 or 5.

Basically, that means her 4th of July dress is big as well.Which sucks, but, oh well. It's the same pattern for the bodice (which I will be more proactive about checking from now on) but instead of using cut fabric, I use bandana's for the skirt, bias & center ruffle (I know, it's hard to see, but it was a phone pic. Bear with me).

I have a few more in the works. I may even finish them this summer. Especially since I just purchased a serger! Can you tell I'm excited? I am. I was downright giddy bringing it home. But just look at it!

Yeah, it's pink. I could have done without it being pink, but I got a really good deal on it and it works awesome. See?

I managed to finish off another dress just last night. I ended up making it just a bit too narrow for a pillowcase style so I put regular straps on it.

She couldn't have cared either way but I'm so excited. I have a couple more dresses to make then I hope to get to her chair. I'm hoping to have that done before she goes to college.


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