Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mommy Moments

In honor of a friend who just had a beautiful baby girl this past week, I've decided to post a few things to expect along the journey of mommyhood.

When you go to microwave your lunch and you find your coffee already there.

When you go to microwave dinner and you find your lunch.

Waking up in a panic when she decides to sleep in 15 minutes.

Having a serious debate over which is more important: shower, sleep or food (sleep usually wins).

Running to the front door, ready to kill whoever was foolish enough to ring the bell during naptime.

Jumping to full alert when she fusses, praying she isn't waking.

Shoving a whole cookie/cracker/any food into your mouth in the hopes that your toddler didn't see it.

Wanting to punch the clerk who keeps insisting you join the store club. 
Can't she see/hear the shrieking demon octopus you're trying to keep a grip on?

Wondering when a supermarket trip by yourself turned into heaven.

Realizing the only conversation you've had all day was "get down", 
"stop that", "give that to me", and "duckies stay in the tub".

Wondering what the hell you were thinking having kids, 
and then getting a hug & kiss that makes you realize it's all worth it.

The amazing feeling you get watching their first step & hearing their first word.

The big cheeseball smile on a face coated in spaghetti.

Watching her dance.

The way her whole face lights up and she claps for herself when she accomplishes something new.

Watching her sleep and falling in love all over again every night.

It's the most amazing thing you'll ever do or feel.

Congratulations, Nelles & Welcome, Addison Grace.

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