Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Magnet Board DIY

These projects may kill me yet, but I do enjoy them.

I first got the idea for this one from my friend, Nicole's blog post (over at The Kavanaugh Report. Check it out). She made this great matching family tree game for her son, Henry, to use in their Tot School. Well, I had the idea to make it magnetic. I have plenty of printable magnet paper. The problem? Our fridge isn't magnetic. Yeah, I know, it surprised the hell out of me, too. What is basically amounted to was Keira only having a small file cabinet side for magnets so I never bothered to get her the letter set (don't worry, she has some at Grandma's house) or any others.

Anyway, my train of thought just kept running, as it sometimes does. I decided, I wanted her to have something on the wall. It started as a cookie sheet, but I wanted it bigger. Then, (thanks, Pinterest) I went looking in Walmart for an oil drip pan. No luck. So I next went to my dad. He said he had a piece of sheet metal. Perfect! He trimmed it and smoothed the edges.

The next step was tougher. Paint or fabric? I really wanted something soft but it had to allow the magnets to stick. I also didn't want it to clash since I wanted to put it in our yellow hallway. I found this on clearance at Walmart. I have it hanging because I had ironed it and didn't want little fingers to wrinkle it. Again.

On with the show. How to attach. I like keeping things simple. The least amount of steps, the better. My go-to for years has been 3M Adhesive. It works. The only problem is, it really works. Translation, very little, if any, room for error. Needless to say, there was a good amount of planning before I even got started.

I figured out where I wanted it to lay, then used some clips to get a feel for it. After a day or so of figuring the best method of adhering, I got to work. I don't have pics because once I started, I had to work quickly but without error. Basically, stay focused. I chose to spray the entire piece of metal and smooth the fabric over from the top center outward. It went pretty well. I only ended up with a couple tiny bumps. To be honest, I wouldn't have been surprised with a few more. Here's a pic of it drying.

I let it dry and then proceeded to mount it on the hallway wall. I used the 3M tabs designed for Christmas lights. (I'm starting to think I should be getting royalties at this point). By resting it on the baseboard, the tabs hold it to the wall without having to worry about the weight or that the adhesive might not bond to the fabric. I did use several so I don't foresee it going anywhere.(It's mounted to the left because the door opens in that direction.)

And Voila! DIY magnet board. The test? Successful. Next step will be printing family pictures onto magnet paper.

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