Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Gear Review: Kelty Kids Country carrier

Doug wanted a frame carrier & ended up finding this one for a great deal while I was pregnant. It's pretty much been sitting in Keira's closet since then. Mainly because I tend to use the Ergo, a sling, or her stroller when we got out. Since today was so nice, I decided we should walk down the street for ice cream. As we live just off a rural state highway, this isn't something we do often. (we don't walk down it, we just cross it and the speed limit is 35.) Doug wanted to use the Kelty instead of the stroller for obvious reasons.

Since it was him doing the wearing, I asked him how it felt. He said it was awkward. Considering Keira kept leaning to the right to see around his head, that's not really surprising. And at 5'7", the frame is a bit long for his body, which meant the hip belt probably wasn't sitting how it should have been. The weight distribution didn't feel right but that could have been a result of the frame/height issue. Or the little monkey leaning way over.

He said he would use it again so that he can get a better feel for it. He's not sure it would be comfortable for more than short trips.

On the baby side of things, I didn't like how low she was or the way her legs hung. She was also lower than the shoulder straps, enough to bounce a good few inches, or even pull her arms up through (which my Houdini is pretty good at in her stroller). She really had a ton of room in there, so I may do a little modifying, say a seat cushion, for the next time.

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