Friday, May 4, 2012

More dresses and another addiction

I had gone to Joann's Fabrics the other day to buy another needle for my sewing machine (we will not discuss the number of needles I have recently gone through). As I usually do in craft stores and the like, I wandered around checking stuff out. I happened upon the fabric quarters. This is trouble. I fell in love with the little buggers. 18" x 21" pieces of fabric in an incredible rainbow of colors. Oh, the ideas! It was like a tornado. As luck would have it, they were on sale.

So I picked up a few with a few new projects in mind. One of which I can't tell you about yet because it's a gift. Ok, so is the other, but since I know the other person doesn't read my blog (she doesn't use the internet much), I can tell you all about it.

Zoey loves Minnie Mouse and her birthday is coming up in a couple months. I have decided I really like making pillowcase dresses. There are so many cute prints and ways to make them. I found the perfect fabric while at Joann's. By perfect, I mean, I saw the fabric first and knew that it would be perfect for something Minnie Mouse for Zoey. I decided on the dress and decided I wanted to add a ruffle on the bottom. Since black would be the best color, I checked my fabric stash. I had a pair of black dress pants that Doug didn't fit in anymore so I trimmed those up

and Voila! Ruffle. Actually, double ruffle. I attached the ruffles and cleaned up the inside hems. Then came the finishing touches.

They had a discount on Disney iron-on appliques so I HAD to get Minnie.

and DONE! Now I'm all set for her birthday.

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