Monday, May 28, 2012


Memorial Day Long Update

It's been busy around here. In order to spare my readers a long winded post, I'll keep to Keira's pics wiyth captions to show [mostly] what we've been up to.

My little thinker

Getting better with her silverware

Sharing ice cream with Daddy

Playing dress-up with Abby

Pipe cleaners & Colander? Check

Double check.

She figured out how to climb into the glider.

15 month check-up. 32 inches and 21.13 pounds

Ready for summer parties

Figured out how to climb in & out of the bathtub by herself

Trying to figure out her carseat harness

Checking out all the people at the festival

Our first time in a pool this summer

At a neighborhood cook-out

Love this Pinterest idea. Works great!

Learning to drive while at another cook-out

With family at the Festival another day

Figuring out how to climb onto the couch

It's been a l-o-n-g weekend. We're beat.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Recently Keira has been using her magnetic writing board.

I decided to try crayons. It went ok, but we're going to stick with the magnetic writer for now. I'm happy to say washable crayons come right off hardwood. (Please excuse the blurry phone pics)

(I still can't believe she's this big already)

Frozen Greek yogurt is a good distraction.

At least for a little while. Yep, the curtains from her changing station. Thankfully only a spring rod.


I know I've been MIA a lot lately. Since the weather has gotten so nice, we've been spending a lot of time outside and visiting family and friends. We've also been doing a good amount of yard work and all that fun stuff that comes with home ownership.

Keira had her second tooth break through a few days ago. Her left lateral incisor. Her first was her right central incisor. Everything on her terms. I've yet to be able to get a good picture of her teeth. Mainly because she clamps up whenever I try. See?

Ah, bath time. What could be better? Bath time with a new toy. A friend gave Keira a bubble blowing octopus last week and she loves it.

One of her more recent expressions. She figured out how to turn the turtle on and off (a button on the bottom).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


While at Grandma & Papa's, Keira & Abby were playing. Unfortunatey, I didn't get the first time it happened. That was the best, Keira laughed hysterically.

She's been doing this for ages, but I finally got it on video. It ought to come in handy when she's about 14, I think.

Get Up & Dance

We recently got a Sesame Street DVD, Get Up & Dance. Keira LOVES it. This is from a few days ago. There is one song she actually dances with. Now she will "throw your hands in the air", too.

She's not particular, though. She likes pretty much anything she can dance to.

Friday, May 4, 2012

More dresses and another addiction

I had gone to Joann's Fabrics the other day to buy another needle for my sewing machine (we will not discuss the number of needles I have recently gone through). As I usually do in craft stores and the like, I wandered around checking stuff out. I happened upon the fabric quarters. This is trouble. I fell in love with the little buggers. 18" x 21" pieces of fabric in an incredible rainbow of colors. Oh, the ideas! It was like a tornado. As luck would have it, they were on sale.

So I picked up a few with a few new projects in mind. One of which I can't tell you about yet because it's a gift. Ok, so is the other, but since I know the other person doesn't read my blog (she doesn't use the internet much), I can tell you all about it.

Zoey loves Minnie Mouse and her birthday is coming up in a couple months. I have decided I really like making pillowcase dresses. There are so many cute prints and ways to make them. I found the perfect fabric while at Joann's. By perfect, I mean, I saw the fabric first and knew that it would be perfect for something Minnie Mouse for Zoey. I decided on the dress and decided I wanted to add a ruffle on the bottom. Since black would be the best color, I checked my fabric stash. I had a pair of black dress pants that Doug didn't fit in anymore so I trimmed those up

and Voila! Ruffle. Actually, double ruffle. I attached the ruffles and cleaned up the inside hems. Then came the finishing touches.

They had a discount on Disney iron-on appliques so I HAD to get Minnie.

and DONE! Now I'm all set for her birthday.

The Diaper Desk

Eat your heart out Pinterest!

We have a new changing station. Since we eventually plan to have another baby and we expect Keira to be in diapers for a while yet, I wanted somewhere to make diaper changes easy for the next couple years. Ok, the floor is easy. Unless it's my monkey you're hoping to change. Before you've even got the dirty diaper off, she's rolling over and trying to run off. And let's face it, don't want to be dealing with that once heavy into my next pregnancy.

So I've been scouring Craigslist. And I found this. 5 minutes away and free. I called to see if it was still available. Yes it was so I made arrangements to go get it.

And here's what my living room looked like to start with. (yeah, I know, I didn't think to take pics before bringing it in.)

As you can see, toys pretty much dominate and her cloth diaper shelf is a disaster. So I got to work. I cleaned all the surfaces and added felt pads to the feet.

Then came the real fun. They had used adhesive strips to hold the top from moving. It took a while but I got them off with a strong product designed for that purpose. The hairdryer worked but would have taken hours and I was burning my finger tips. Ice pack didn't work. Goof Off worked awesome. Disclaimer: Follow all instructions and be sure to have adequate ventilation.

The next step was to remove the middle bracket so I could fit the changing pad. I first made sure it wasn't a major support piece. Then I got the saw. I used a hand saw versus a powertool because I didn't want sawdust all over my house.

Then I carefully lifted it onto the other piece and secured it. At some point, I had put the drawers back in. Since I wasn't going to need a keyboard drawer, I removed the brackets entirely.

Now to start putting her stuff on it. Her cloth diapers fit perfectly into the cubby holes. From left to right are her Thirsties Velcro, then snaps, then BumGenius snaps and her extra inserts. I took some of her BG's out so you could see that it fit two rows in each cubby.

 Then I tosse her shoes and extra clothes and such in the cupboard.

I then moved her toybox next to it and put the larger items underneath and her activity table on the side. Books went into the bottom drawer and wipes into the top. She likes to play with them so I don't bother folding them until they go into the container for use.

I then stole the spring rod from the bathroom and quickly sewed up some curtains. The really cool thing? They're the scraps from our living room curtains that I was planning to make pillows out of eventually. I like this better.


And it makes the rest of our living room look so much bigger since all her stuff is on one wall. For now.