Monday, April 30, 2012

Zoo Day! Part 1

I can hear it. The "Finally". The "It's about time". Yeah, yeah, here they are. Zoo pics. Enjoy.

Nothing like a rock star.

Our little troop (minus me, of course).

Checking out the cow.

We have photos of pretty much all our family on this pig. Even my grandparents.

More interested in Auntie Melanie's camera than the horses.
Ridin' in style. I love our stroller. It's a Baby Jogger City Select. It converts from a single to double and any combo. And it pushes so easy. Great Grandma had no trouble at all pushing both monkeys the whole trip through the zoo.

Lots of animals.


Grandma pointing out the elephants.

Can you spot the bear?
Continued in Part 2.........

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